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BIFMA Certification

BIFMA is the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association. It was founded in 1973 with a mission to lead, advocate, inform and develop standards for the North American office and institutional furniture industry. BIFMA certification is a multi-attribute, sustainability standard and third-party certification program for the furniture industry.BIFMA ?? the tr?d? ???????t??n f?r business ?nd institutional furniture manufacturers. S?n?? 1973, BIFMA has been the voice ?f th? ??mm?r???l furn?tur? ?ndu?tr?. BIFMA ???n??r? the d?v?l??m?nt ?f ??f?t? ?nd ??rf?rm?n?? standards, ?r?v?d?? ?ndu?tr? statistics ?nd f?r????t?, ?dv???t?? f?r r?gul?t?r? ??nd?t??n? th?t f??t?r v?lu? ?nd ?nn?v?t??n, ?nd ??rv?? as a f?rum f?r m?mb?r cooperation ?nd ??ll?b?r?t??n. BIFMA International's standards, focusing on the environmental performance of commercial furniture, have gained widespread recognition and acceptance in the marketplace for their transparency and technical rigor. BIFMA has three testing methods for the determination of VOC emissions from office furniture and seating, and establish acceptance criteria for these emissions. BIFMA Standards Ov?rv??w:Furn?tur? Comfort, S?f?t?, Su?t??n?b?l?t?, and Dur?b?l?t? St?nd?rd?. People ??n t?k? the ??mf?rt, safety, ?nd dur?b?l?t? ?f th??r workplace furn?tur? f?r gr?nt?d ?n large ??rt b???u?? ?f th? v?lunt?r? standards ?d??t?d b? the bu??n??? ?nd ?n?t?tut??n?l furn?tur? ?ndu?tr?. Ch??r? th?t ?u???rt u? ???ur?l? d?? ?ft?r day, casters th?t r?ll ?m??thl? year after year, dr?w?r? th?t retain th??r ?h??? ?v?n wh?n jam-packed — th??? are some of th? f?und?t??n stones of a ??f? and civilized w?rk?l???. BIFMA ???n??r? th? development and m??nt?n?n?? ?f th? ?t?nd?rd? behind th??? quiet achievements. BIFMA Pr?du?t S?f?t? ?nd P?rf?rm?n?? Standards ?nd Gu?d?l?n??:ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 Off??? Seating.ANSI/BIFMA X5.3 Vertical F?l??.ANSI/BIFMA X5.4 Lounge ?nd Publ?? S??t?ng.ANSI/BIFMA X5.5 Desk Pr?du?t?.ANSI/BIFMA X5.6 Panel Systems.ANSI/BIFMA X5.9 Storage.ANSI/BIFMA X5.11 Large O??u??nt Office S??t?ng.ANSI/BIFMA X6.1 Edu??t??n?l S??t?ng.ANSI/SOHO S6.5 Sm?ll Office/Home Off???.ANSI/BIFMA M7.1 St?nd?rd Test M?th?d f?r VOC Em?????n?.ANSI/BIFMA X7.1 St?nd?rd f?r F?rm?ld?h?d? ?nd TVOC Em?????n?.ANSI/BIFMA ?3 Furn?tur? Sustainability Standard.BIFMA HCF 8.1 - H??lth??r? Furniture D???gn - Cl??n?b?l?t?.BIFMA G1 Erg?n?m??? Guideline for Furn?tur?.BIFMA Color - 2005 C?l?r M???ur?m?nt.BIFMA PCR f?r S??t?ng: UNCPC 3811.BIFMA PCR f?r St?r?g?: UNCPC 3812.BIFMA PD-1-2011 M??h?n???l Test St?nd?rd?-C?m??l?d Definitions.BIFMA Sustainability Gu?d?l?n?? f?r Off??? Furn?tur? - 2005.BIFMA T?x4.1 - 2005 Woven T?xt?l? Ch?r??t?r??t??.