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ISO 55001:2014

Bringing You The Best ISO 55001:2014 servicesUQSR is a certification body that is focused on helping individuals and organizations manage assets. We have been providing small businesses and international brands with standards for many years, and this is a part of why we are ranked alongside leaders in this industry today. Being one of the few organizations with an in depth understanding of standards, we can create new standards as well as assess how well you are meeting them. We can also train teams from all parts of the world to use these standards correctly and effectively to achieve impressive results. The kind of services we offer can transform your organization or brand for better. ISO 55001:2014 Asset ManagementMost organizations with multiple assets know that importance of an effective asset management strategy can't be overemphasized. It doesn't matter whether the assets are physical or financial, an effective asset management strategy will help improve an organization's bottom line. What is ISO 55001?ISO 55001 Asset management – Management systems – Requirements is a standard created for the use of individuals or organizations involved in asset management. This standard was created by ISO technical committee ISO/TC 251 and was first published in January 2014.This new international suite of standards was created to guide organizations through the technicalities of asset management. ISO 55001 focuses on assisting you in developing a proactive lifecycle asset management system. This is effective in supporting the optimization of assets and helps to reduce the overall cost of ownership while ensuring that the necessary safety requirements and performance are met. Are you interested in taking advantage of Asset Management?Whether you are looking to further broaden your knowledge or you are new to asset management, we have all that is required to guide you through every step of the way. We offer both verification and certification to ISO 55001 and also support you in meeting set business objectives, whatever they may be. The purpose of verification is to compliment your certification. Itcan also be a standalone service, depending on whatyour business goals are.What are the benefits of ISO 55001?Outlined below, are some of the of ISO 55001:Removes the better part of the risks associated with owning assets – especially avoidable expenses that go into areas like maintenance and costs allocated to unforeseen occurrencesBetter quality assurance for regulators and customers – here, assets play a crucial role in the provision of excellent products and servicesNew business acquisitionSupports international business growthCompetent asset investment decisionsImproved organizational sustainabilityImproved resilience and reliabilityDemonstrated social responsibilityDemonstrated regulatory complianceEnhanced reputationImproved efficiency and effectivenessImproved customer and stakeholder satisfactionIt's time to manage your assets in the best way possible. Come to us with all your needs, and we will provide you with effective world-class solutions.