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ISO 39001:2012

Road Traffic Safety is one of the most common major concerns with approximately 1.3 million people dead and up to 50 million people injured on rounds all around the world every year. As these statistics are increasing on a continuous basis, health and socio-economic impacts are substantial. However, ISO 39001:2012 is meant to help organizations to decrease and ultimately stop the risk of serious injuries and deaths which are related to road traffic incidents. What is ISO 39001:2012?ISO 39001:2012 is an international standard which can outline Road Traffic Safety Management System’s requirements. This is an ISO standard which is meant to help organizations which are working with the road traffic safety systems to prevent road injuries and fatalities. It applies both private and public organizations which are interacting with road traffic systems. Although there are multiple factors which can become a cause behind a road accident but this ISO standard has the ability to help organizations to prevent avoidable injuries by using evidence based and systematic interventions. Organizations which are working with some existing management systems including ISO 14001 and ISO 19001, can easily integrate this ISO 39001 into their operations to optimize those further in the best possible way. Basic requirements in the ISO 39001:2012 are creation and implementation of an effective road traffic management system policy. As well as it also includes road traffic management system’s objective and action plans development, which can take legal and other requirements into account to which organization can subscribe. Also, it needs to consider information about criteria and elements related to road traffic safety management. So that the organization can identify which of those it can control effectively as well as which of those it can influence only. What are the benefits of ISO 39001:2012 certification?Do you want to know why considering ISO 39001:2012 can be beneficial for you? Well, here are the benefits which can let you understand this effectively:ISO 39001:2012 helps to manage RTS risks proactivelyISO 39001:2012 can help you in saving multiple lives by reducing the risks of road accidents. It can also help you in reducing lost productivity and has the ability to demonstrate your commitment to both social responsibility and safety. Improved road traffic safety performance ISO 39001:2012 can help to improve road traffic safety management performance of organizations. Even more, it will also help you to establish an effective road traffic safety management system which will be easier to integrate with other management systems of organizations. Stay one step ahead of others This standard can help the organizations to develop effective RTS solutions that can enable them to accomplish their required RTS results. As this standard requires unequivocal and clear focus on RTS management and results along with the actions which are evidence based and are being supported by appropriate and effective management capacity of organizations. ISO 39001:2012 standard can help organizations to maintain effective RTS management systems. This will let you focus more on developing and managing effective RTS practices. Ultimately, it will let you acquire a cost-effective road traffic system’s use.