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ISO 29990:2010

The ISO 29990:2010 is a standard that highlights the criteria to be met by a Quality Management System used in the provision of training and educational services. The model was adopted to ensure that all learning service providers such as; life-long earning centres, vocational institutions and corporations, adopt unified standards.

Why ISO 29990:2010 certification was created

  1. With multiple learning service providers offering thousands of training courses and formal education, there lacked standards or guidelines that ensure the quality of non-formal training and education is maintained.
  2. There lacked a mechanism for learners to compare similar type of non-formal education offered by various Learning Service Providers.
  3. With education being a business-oriented service, there was a need for the effective and efficient management of knowledge.

Benefits of an ISO 29990:2010 certification

Benefits to learner

  • Assured comparability, transparency and quality in all learning institutions
  • Comparability and transparency of learning services
  • An authentic and advanced learning management service
  • The availability of adequate resources, which encompass a suitable and competent learning environment and infrastructure.

Benefits to Learning Service Providers

  • The presence of active and enthusiastic trainers and experts required in the development of the learning courses.
  • Ensures a documented and transparent process
  • Enhances the potential of internal quality
  • Global marketability
  • Ensures excellent performance when tendering any type of work from governmental and other official bodies.

Benefits to Global Corporation

  • Provides common unified standards for quality in training and educational services.
  • The ISO 29990:2010 certification provides a globally comparable benchmark for the existence of quality from training and educational providers.

Why get an ISO 29990:2010 Certification

  • You get improved procedures coupled with enhanced training and educational programmes for your company
  • You get access to a globally accepted and comparable benchmark for enhancing quality in your training and educational services.
  • It is an endeavour required to achieve enhanced customer satisfaction and operational excellence