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ISO 21001:2018

What is ISO 21001:2018?In 2018, ISO published a new and very important standard. ISO 21001:2018 is certificate for Management Systems for Educational Organizations (EOMS). This certification focuses on the educational organization and their services and products. It also focuses on the enhancements or improvements of the educational services and the products.EOMS is like a management tool which enable education institutes and organizations to come up with necessary policies to meet the expectations, needs, and requirements of students, staff, customers, and other stakeholders. It also ensures that the interaction and communication between all parties is improved to a satisfactory levels.It also focuses on the alignment with other ISO management system standards. It is achieved by the application of a famous “High Level Structure” (Annex SL). In simple words, EOMS has same structure as 9001:2015 and other improved standards but with sector specific aligned content. HLS is very important for all those institutes and organizations which plan to use a single management system. A single management system includes two or more management system standards.It also focuses on the requirements for the Early Childhood Education Providers and Special Need education providers. One interesting fact about ISO 21001:2018 is that it is not limited to higher education institutes or organizations. In fact, it is applicable to all education providers like primary, middle, secondary schools, universities and other training institutes. This streamlines the entire education system across all education providers. Why do we need ISO 21001:2018?Standardization in the education sector is not a new a thing. For years, there have been multiple standards for teachers, students, and educational institutes. These standards help in making educational system better. ISO 21001:2018 main focus in on offering a single and complete management tool. However, the main beneficiaries of this standard are the learners and organizations but all involved parties can reap benefits from a properly implemented and standardized management system. Following the latest ISO 21001:2018 will ensure that various other mandatory activities are carried out like internal auditing, satisfaction evaluations, control of various processes, products or services, review of various programs and annual review of the organization’s management systems to address the gaps which are usually ignored.Benefits of ISO 21001:2018:Some of the benefits of ISO 21001:2018 are:Improved special education needsOverall increase in the credibility of education systemBetter evaluation tools which result in improved efficiencyBetter self-learning opportunitiesBusiness Implications for ISO 21001:2018:Adapting the latest management tools result in improved education systemImproving the competitive ability of servicesEradicated old techniquesImplements latest teaching methods which results in reputational monetary benefitsConstant monitoring of learning process results in continuous growthPrinciples for an EOMS:Here are the important principles for an EOMS.Major focus on learnersVisionary leadershipEngagement of people and stakeholdersImprovementUnderstanding of the system and standardsRelationship ManagementAnalysis and Evaluation based decisionsSocial ResponsibilityData ProtectionEthical and Professional environmentAccessibilityIt is important to follow these principles in any EOMS. So, if you are an educational institute or organization then it is important to get ISO 21001:2018. It will ensure that you follow the latest ISO standards and to streamline your educational process.