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FSSC 22000 Certification

What You Need to Know About FSSC 22000 CertificationThe Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000 is a certification scheme that combines the ISO 22000 sector specific PRP and FSSC which is accepted globally. FSSC 22000 was developed due to the growing demands of customers for an internationally recognized standard food safety management system that can be audited and certified. FSSC 22000 is managed by Foundation FSSC 2000 and governed by an independent Board of Stakeholders, which is comprised of representatives from different sectors in the food industry.FSSC 22000 was developed for the certification of food safety systems through a rigorous process of managing food safety risks and providing safe products for the food industry. It guarantees the safety of products during primary production of animal products, products with a shelf life, manufacture of perishable animal or vegetable products, and other food ingredients such as additives, vitamins and bio-cultures, the production of animal food and feed, and food manufacturing which include catering, retail/wholesale and transport and storage services.With the FSSC 22000 food safety certification, your customers can be confident in your food safety program and trust that you have a thorough food safety check in place.Benefits of FSSC 22000To Manage RisksFirstly, you provide your company with effective management of food safety hazards by building an FSSC System, which creates an environment that is able to handle the production of safe products while continually managing, monitoring, validating, and improving the system.Maintain Current CustomersStatistics have shown that about 1 in 4 certified companies ask their suppliers to achieve FSSC Certification. Chances are if no one has asked you yet, you will definitely be asked sometime in the future. If you start on your certification now, you can stay competitive and remain qualified to keep working with your current customers. But if you don’t, you may lose them.Boost Market ReachMany large retailers and multinational manufacturers now demand FSSC certification of their suppliers. An FSSC Certification means you have become qualified to supply these organization or their suppliers, helping to open your products to a larger market.Prepare For Upcoming Regulatory ChangesAround the world, countries are making changes to food safety regulations, and the United States is not left out with its Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). FSSC certification ensures your organization is prepared in the best way possible to meet the requirements of FSMA.When you become FSSC certified, you increase your market opportunities, make customers more confident in your food safety practices, and ensure safe products with modern and up-to-date internal processes.Time Frame To Get CertifiedTo be ready for registration, you will have to build your Food Safety Management System, document the system, and ensure it is implemented throughout your organization. According to a 2012 survey of certified companies, it takes on average 8-12 months to be ready for certification. However, this time frame depends on your organization’s circumstances. With the right audit company, you will be ready in a shorter time.Choose UQSR For Your FSSC 22000 Certification TodayAre you looking to get your FSSC 22000 Certificate? UQSR will help you all the way for a successful certification project. We are experts in FSSC 22000 certification audit, and will ensure you are ready in designing, documenting, and implementing your system. Our professional food safety auditors will work with you to make sure that your operations are supported by a certified management system that guarantees that products are produced, prepared, packaged, and distributed to the highest food safety standards.