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Factory Compliance Audit

UQSR's Factory Compliance Audit  Conducting a Factory Compliance Audit implies an onsite factory or manufacturing unit inspection administered on behalf of an importer before placing an order with a manufacturing firm.  It is carried out to improve the importing vendor's supplier chain and also to reduce the risks associated with the sourcing process and the commodity quality.What Is A Factory Compliance Audit?  A factory compliance audit is an organized process adopted by quality managers to ascertain if a supplier conforms with the expected industry and trade standards.It helps in enhancing the certitude of delivering high-quality products and services. Besides, factory compliance audits in India evaluate if the business premises thoroughly follow satisfactory safety measures for the welfare of the employees and laborer working in them. Performing regular factory compliance audits involves the evaluation of the following parameters: Supplier’s QMS (Quality Management System)Production ProcessesLicensingPrevious track-recordsEmployees/labor welfare policiesAdopted health and safety measuresCompliance with the Minimum Wages Act Factory Compliance Audit is usually the last step to take before placing an order with a factory or manufacturing unit. This audit is usually carried out by specialized inspection agencies that perform a thorough examination against a checklist that verifies obedience to the abovementioned parameters. What Is Included In The Factory Compliance Audit? Factory compliance audits are performed not only to evaluate your existing service providers but also to determine the best supplier for your business needs. The three key checks included in a factory compliance audit in India are: Efficiency and Productivity CheckIn this check, a thorough inspection is done to review the supplier's ability to consistently provide services that meet customer requirements, along with satisfying the deadlines.Evaluating the manufacturer's production procedures is helpful in figuring out their delivery efficiency, which determines if they can meet order quantities within due time. The inspection agents monitor all workflows during production and track the amount of time spent to achieve the targets and sub-targets associated with a project. They also assess the efficiency of machines and production tools used. Quality CheckThe quality check ensures that the supplier’s existing QMS bounds their work quality to be on par with the set standards. Inspection agents check for the presence of effective monitoring procedures in effect, which provide a scope of continuous improvement on top of good quality.  Regulatory Compliance CheckThe regulatory compliance check performed in a factory compliance audit examines the supplier's adherence to business regulations, laws, policies, and guidelines concerning their business practices.Our Expertise In 'Factory Compliance Audit'Whether a supplier will fulfill their order in time?Is the supplier well-equipped in manufacturing the product with the desired quality?Does the supplier conform to regulatory compliance?If these questions cross your mind, you're at the right place! UQSR is an inspection company specializing in conducting Factory Compliance Audits in India.We'll provide you with a snapshot of your supplier's production capabilities by performing thorough inspections against an exhaustive checklist.Our auditors combine their highly acclaimed expertise and experience to verify whether your supplier has: The capability to make your product. The capacity to make your product on time and with the sought-after quality. The awareness of safety and welfare of its employees and workers.