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Company overview

We started with a simple idea.

UQSR Global Private Limited (Formerly Known as Universal Quality Standards Registrar) is a multinational certification registrar. We have 8 offices in India and neighbouring countries from where we serve over 15,000 clients. We were established in 1998 and we are Indias' pioneer standards body. We have a pool of 55 auditors & technical experts. We provide you with industry leading inspection, verification, testing and certification services anywhere in India & abroad.

The UQSR team is headed by able and experienced management, well-qualified personnel and trained work force all dedicated to deliver the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction.

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Our Commitment

UQSR is determined to provide quality and on-time delivery of services, offered at competitive prices. We are focused on building a world-class organisation with international standards through our commitment to customer satisfaction, comprehensive range of services, unflagging attention to quality and above all nurturing mutually beneficial business relationships.

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Startup Mentoring

UQSR is a global leader in standardisation of companies / processes. We have successfully certified thousands of companies for many international standards. UQSR can help you in identifying standards which best suits your requirements. We have helped many start up companies in establishing their standardisation goals by suggesting certification standards related to their processes & products. We are also a market leader in training of ‘International Standards’

Why Us

UQSR provides accredited certification which is recognised worldwide. Our client base includes organisations from almost every industry segments.

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Customised Solutions

We can develop a customised certification program based on your requirements. We do this by integrating many standards together. Our customisation is always logical & result oriented.

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Certification Expertise

We have a huge client base of more than 15000 client & more than 15 years of rich industry experience. UQSR holds accreditation for wide range of certification standards & it is even increasing.

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Auditors & Technical Experts

UQSR has a large pool of qualified auditors & technical experts (with long industry experience in different sectors). All our auditor are qualified by : IRCA, Exemplar Global, NRBPT etc.

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Recognition & Membership

UQSR is a proud member of different accreditation co-operations, industry associations & chamber of commerce worldwide. We are also listed as an approved ‘vendor for certification services’ with many government / public sector organisations,

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