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ISO ISO 27001:2013

ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System. It is the standard, which specifies requirements for implementation, establishment, operation, monitoring, research, maintenance and improvement of documented Information Security Management System. It specifies requirements for establishment of a safety control, adapted according to needs of an organization. The organization declares the assurance of Information Security Management System requirements by certification according to ISO 27001.

Benefit of ISO 27000

  • Customers are assured that the organization has undergone a competent, impartial, independent assessment and information is safe whilst in its care.
  • Using information security measure builds confidence with customers and suppliers.
  • Ensure that an appropriate management system is in place to look after the security of the organization's own information.
  • Availability of secure electronic data techniques to enable society to use the internet as a means of conducting their personal, business and pleasure activities.
  • Management and handling of security incidents.

ISO 27001 2013

ISO 27001 certification services

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